Everything you need to know about the BMW F650GS Motorcycle.


Wandering in North Pickering

So the other day I was out for a ride in North Pickering. There are plans for and international airport to go in there so the place is almost a ghost town. It is only straight gravel roads to explore.

While out there I stopped for a bit of a break by the side of the road and snapped a few pictures of my bike and the scenery.

Out for a ride when I took some phone pictures


I hope that there picture inspire you to get out there and ride.

I know that they are kinda low quality but I love this bike and just wanted to share these online.


Spring into the Saddle

Spring is making its reluctant appearance around the world and that can only man one thing, riding season.

Did you know that motorcycles are the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road. So you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not just doing something that you love, you are also saving the environment while you are doing it.

If you want to save even more fuel while on your beloved motorcycle, you are going to have to learn to take it easy while out there on the roads. That means no fast acceleration, no high speeds and no silliness. Everyone should be taking it easy out there anyways but if these traits are the rules that you already ride by, then you have no need to chill out and save even more fuel.

There are also other consideration that riders need to think about while they are on the road during the spring. The most important worry during the spring is that the “cagers” aren’t used to seeing motorcycles on the road so they are not going to be watching out for you. To counter this sad truth, you are just going to have to ride like everyone is trying to kill you and you will survive the hostility that is out there.

Happy spring time everyone and have fun out there on the newly cleaned roads.

New Site Design

Welcome to the new format for this site. I am going to make it as informative as I possibly can and hopefully it will guide you in the right direction in your choice of motorcycle.

A road leading into Uxbridge Ontario.

If you are revisiting this new format and have seen the old one you have probably noticed that the pictures are the same and so is the back ground. I stole them from the old site because I liked them so much.

It has taken me a few hours but I have finally gotten this site set up in a way that I am completely happy with.

I have done all of this work because in this new blog format it is going to be a lot easier to make my whole site a lot more scalable and easier to navigate. I realized that I had absolutely no content on the old one and I was not providing anything useful at all. That is not what the internet is for.

650gs in front of a yellow field