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New Site Design

Welcome to the new format for this site. I am going to make it as informative as I possibly can and hopefully it will guide you in the right direction in your choice of motorcycle.

A road leading into Uxbridge Ontario.

If you are revisiting this new format and have seen the old one you have probably noticed that the pictures are the same and so is the back ground. I stole them from the old site because I liked them so much.

It has taken me a few hours but I have finally gotten this site set up in a way that I am completely happy with.

I have done all of this work because in this new blog format it is going to be a lot easier to make my whole site a lot more scalable and easier to navigate. I realized that I had absolutely no content on the old one and I was not providing anything useful at all. That is not what the internet is for.

650gs in front of a yellow field

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